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All About Arbors

Arbors are how Gleaner members connect with each other to make a difference in their communities. With your arbor, you'll have the chance to plan and participate in service projects, like roadside cleanups, disaster relief efforts, mentoring programs, and school activities. You can also create special projects to meet other needs in your community. 

Since 2000, Gleaner arbors, along with other fraternal societies, have sponsored a national day of service projects for JOIN HANDS DAY. Gleaner Life Insurance Society contributes funding support for these and other charitable efforts. 

Gleaner arbors are also about having fun! Arbors plan fun family events like picnics and baseball games, and enjoy group rates to amusement parks. Belonging to an arbor is a great way to get to know your neighbors and improve the community in which you live. 

You are automatically eligible to participate in your local arbor as a member. If there is not an arbor already established in your area, you may start one. Our staff at the Gleaner Home Office is here to support your efforts. 

Gleaner - Making a Difference One Community At a Time

Gleaner proudly sponsors community programs throughout the year. We work with our local arbors to provide funding to some very special causes. Through the Samaritan program, arbors earn funds for donation to their communities and charitable organizations. Each year, arbors also select a beneficiary to receive a minimum donation of $250 with most beneficiaries receiving in excess of $500. Through the 2012-2013 Samaritan program, Gleaner arbors earned more than $449,063 for community donations and designated beneficiaries received a total of $41,300. Our members also contributed more than 1,044,118 Acts and Hours of Volunteer Service within their communities.

A few examples of arbor programs include:

  • Caring Hands Matching Funds Program - A matching funds arbor program designed to provide assistance to individuals and families who suffer severe loss as a result of a natural disaster or catastrophic illness/injury.

  • 4-H Helping Hands Matching Funds Program -  Arbors' donations to 4-H programs are matched by Gleaner. Gleaner also supports 4-H youth by purchasing livestock and poultry at local 4-H fairs.

  • Grant Fund Activities- Through the Samaritan program, arbors are encouraged to complete 24 activities each year. Of these, a portion are financially supported through grant funds offered by Gleaner. For the 2013 Samaritan program (running September 1, 2013, through August 31, 2014) arbors are eligible to receive grant funds for the following specified activities: Patriotic Activity ($100), Environmental Activity ($100), JOIN HANDS DAY ($500), Benevolent Fund ($750), Community Project ($100), Animal Support ($100), Educating Youth ($100), Historical Site ($100), Healthy Lifestyle and Safety ($200), Special Holiday Project ($100), Wild Card ($100) and $500 of flexible grant funds - a total of $2,750.